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family photography
family photography

All my clients are offered a 15 minute phone consultation at the time of booking. I want to briefly get to know you and learn about anything specific to your family. I give outfit and location feedback so you can show up feeling assured your session will run smoothly. 


I do pose when necessary. I do tell you if something looks awkward. I do come with plenty of helpful prompts and every couple and family falls into those prompts uniquely. 

Lets address kids. Unless your children are the part of the Brady Bunch, we can just let go of them smiling and posing perfectly the entire time.

The purpose and beauty of lifestyle photography is capturing authentic connection. You will love the images so much more than a forced smile or pose. Let them run, dance and play! 

The absolute best advice I can give you is to come ready to laugh and go with the flow. Let me do the hard work and let you enjoy making those memories!

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